We’ve put together a team of highly qualified, creative individuals in order to provide our clients with innovative, yet cost effective designs.


Lisa A. Thorburn, CTS, LEED-AP

Founding Principal, President

Lisa has served as a project manager and consultant on numerous projects. Her background covers Multimedia Presentation Requirements, Video and Teleconferencing, Computer Programming, Technical Communications, and Project and Business Management. Her communication skills allow her to translate technical data into a format that is both usable and understandable by the client and the rest of the design team. As head of the leadership team and a principal consultant of Thorburn Associates, she works to determine strategies, set overall project goals and objectives, and offers her planning expertise during design development.

 In her spare time she enjoys spending time in and on the water, walking, or reading a good book.

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Steven J. Thorburn, PE, LEED AP, CTS-D, CTS-I

Founding Principal, Design Principal

Steve enjoys helping others understand the principals of acoustics and technology systems. A key member of the leadership team, he is a licensed engineer with 30+ years experience in the architectural application of acoustic, audiovisual technology and lighting systems. His dual degrees in electrical engineering and technical theatre give him a balanced left brain/right brain approach to project solutions.

Educator of the Year, two ICIA Facility Design awards, author and teacher and experience on over 3000 different projects round out his professional career.

Steve loves working in his woodshop, cooking something up on the grill, or just hiking in the woods.

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Megan L Clark

Megan Clark

Senior Associate

Megan has over 10 years of experience in business development in North and South Carolina, with the majority of her experience in audiovisual integration.  She has overseen many complex, high profile accounts by coordinating the details of projects from conception to completion.

She enjoys running, traveling, spending time with her family, and savoring a full-bodied red wine paired with an assortment of fantastic cheeses.

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Philip Zumbrun--

Philip Zumbrun, EIT

Senior Associate

Philip received a BSE in Acoustical Engineering from Purdue University and is currently an Engineer In Training. As a longtime musician and audio engineer, he loves the collaborative process and using the science of sound to achieve unique design goals. At Thorburn Associates he specializes in architectural acoustical design and mechanical noise control.

Outside the office, he enjoys sharpening his computer programming skills and playing guitar for his wife and daughter.



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