Sound Masking

Whether you call it white noise, pink noise or NC systems, sound masking is probably the only time that an acoustical consultant will admit that some noise is good. The shift to open plan offices and demountable partitions from the traditional “private” office with gypsum board construction has created the need to raise the background… Read more »

Peach Piracy?

Speech privacy (peach piracy) exists when a conversation cannot be understood even if it can be heard. There are 4 levels of speech privacy; normal, confidential, inaudibility and none. Normal speech privacy exists when someone can only partially understand the telephone conversation or the meeting in an adjacent office cubical without having to stop, listen… Read more »

Front Vs. Rear Projection – Questions and Answers

From an entertainment point of view there is probably nothing more impressive than going to a first run cinema (front projection) and being enveloped by the large screen and catchy plot. That’s great if the purpose is for entertainment or large scale audiences. However, if the purpose is to explain a project topic or concept,… Read more »

Tech Notes: Ceiling Mounted Microphones – A Solution or a Problem?

With hopes of eliminating tabletop or podium microphones, End Users, Designers and Architects frequently ask, “What about sticking them on the ceiling?”  Usually, what seems like an easy solution is not the best solution. Ceiling mounted microphones are not recommended for the following reasons: First, loudspeakers are typically mounted in the ceiling.  This places ceiling… Read more »

Office Acoustics

A question we are frequently asked by Project Managers is how can we improve the acoustical privacy between offices and work stations? The level of acoustical privacy is defined as the amount of conversation that can be heard and understood between adjacent offices or work stations. Before we can improve the acoustical privacy we must… Read more »

New Acoustical Product at AIA National Convention ’92!

While attending the recent AIA ’92 National Convention in Boston we took the opportunity to search the trade floor for new building materials with acoustical benefits.  The following summarizes our finds: Among the more promising displays were acoustical wall and finish materials that would provide a durable interior finish while helping solve acoustical concerns.  Pyrok… Read more »

Acoustics and ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has stirred up much controversy over the past year. This article will provide some practical guidelines for the public accommodations portion of these requirements. The new ADA hearing assistance requirements are not really new for Californians since the 1988 UBC, with the California Title 24 Amendment, has required hearing… Read more »