Ms. Thorburn practices Acoustical Consulting, Technology System Engineering, and Lighting Design in the following areas:

  • project management
  • specification preparation
  • technology needs analysis
  • architectural acoustics and sound isolation
  • mechanical noise and vibration control

Ms. Thorburn has served as a project manager and consultant on numerous projects. Her background covers Multimedia Presentation Requirements, Video and Teleconferencing, Computer Programming, Technical Communications, and Project and Business Management.

Ms. Thorburn’s communication skills allow her to translate technical data into a for­mat that is both usable and under­stand­able by the client and the rest of the design team. During the course of a project, she typically manages the overall coordination of the design process and all related procedural information. It is her responsibility to make sure that all project milestones are achieved on time. She is also responsible for ensuring that the architect and client are kept up to date on the project schedule and facilitates communication between the members of the design team.

Her experience with Computer Programming allows her to develop both efficient and cost effective technology systems and multimedia facilities.


Ms. Thorburn frequently writes technical articles on both acoustical and technology system design issues.

Published articles include:

  • “Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World” in The Community
  • “China 2020: How China’s Growth and Future Will Impact Business Development in the A/E/C Industry” for the SMPS Foundation and The Marketer
  • “Front versus Rear Projection Issues” in Sound and Communi­cations magazine
  • “Acoustical Terminology” in Health Facilities Management
  • “Winning the Olympic City Acoustical Event” in Teleconferencing Business


Michigan Technological University

B.S. Scientific and Technical Communications      Major: Computer Science and Business Administration

Board Room Design Course, NSCA, 1994

A/V Systems and Equipment course, ICIA, 1998

Essentials of the A/V Industry course, ICIA, 1998



InfoComm: CTS


  • American Institute of Architects, Affiliate Member
  • Themed Entertainment Association
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services
  • InfoComm International

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