Electronic Security 101

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What You Need to Know About Electronic Security We’re often asked to design security systems for our clients. However, the term “security system” can be deceptive. Today, most organizations, facilities, and communities rely on multiple interconnected systems for their security needs. These include physical barriers, a security strategy, and electronic security technology. Let’s take a… Read more »

That Darn Train!

Designing for Residential and Hotel Uses in Noisy Locations What do thrifty investors, industrial reuse, and affordable housing have in common? Railroads! Ok, perhaps not railroads themselves, but certainly proximity to active rail lines. Recently, we’ve seen projects from California, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington all located adjacent to active rail lines. As demand rises,… Read more »

The Benefits of PoE Lighting

To PoE, or not to PoE, that is the question! If the great English playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare were alive today, we’re sure this would be his question! So, what does PoE mean, and how does PoE relate to lighting? PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This technology provides the means of delivering… Read more »

Glass Walls: Fact versus Fiction

It’s a classic scene from movies and TV: two characters stand in an all-glass office or conference room yelling at each other, while the rest of the cast sit outside watching and asking each other what they think is being said, with no trace of sound escaping from the glass box. If you have watched… Read more »

Recent Design Trends for AV Systems

We were recently contacted by a friend who is the Chief Technology Officer for a large hospital. He became involved with a major renovation project on his main campus. Having been involved with the Design/Bid/Build process many times before, he was caught off guard when his project team told him the AV in the huddle… Read more »

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day! Happy Anniversary TA!   29 years ago, Steve and I sent out an April Fool’s Day fax stating, “It’s No Joke – Thorburn Associates is Launched!” Since then, we’ve: Opened five offices across the United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham Teamed with exceptional clients on over 3,500… Read more »

Sound Quality and Its Impact on Design

Many people used to judge the “quality” of a new car by the sound generated when the door was closed.  A smooth, solid “ca-thunk” was a sign of a well-built automobile, while inferior vehicles were identifiable by a hollow or “tinny” sounding door close.  While this may sound silly, it does reflect an important aspect… Read more »