Historical Temple Goes Retail

When built in 1912, the Moorish-style Medinah Temple was a meeting place for the Shrine of North America. After a 21st century, multi-million dollar restoration and renovation, the historic building at 600 N. Wabash Ave., in Chicago’s River North area, looks much the same as the City’s natives remember. It blends the original Arabian –… Read more »

Restaurant Acoustics

During the last 20 years we have seen a number of different acoustical issues in retail / shopping areas – everything from blender noise for a juice bar at a now defunct Mexican restaurant chain prototype, to a restaurant so loud that guests had to shout to hear their dining partners, to the “noise” from… Read more »

Retail Audio

Have you ever noticed the plasma screens and TV monitors greeting you when you are shopping in your local Bloomingdale’s or Eddie Bauer? Have you heard the dance-club-like sound systems in the Junior’s departments at Macy’s or in Old Navy? All of these uses of audio and video technology are to make the shopping experience… Read more »

HDTV Update!

If you have been to your local electronics retailer lately, you likely noticed the explosion of HDTVs (High Definition Televisions). You might already own your own HDTV. With the FCC mandated conversion well under way, we felt it might be useful to re-visit this issue and discuss how it will affect AV presentation needs. In… Read more »

Sound Control by PAC International Inc.

A product that competes with Resilient Channels is the Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC) available from PAC International. Inc. The RSIC-1 clip combined with a 7/8-inch furring channel can achieve sound transmission class (STC) ratings of 62 in wall assemblies and impact isolation class (IIC) ratings of 82 in floor-ceiling assemblies. The RSIC-1 clips can… Read more »

Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

In response to the needs of the expanding Catholic Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee, Williamson Pounders Architects (WPA) also of Memphis, selected Thorburn Associates to assist with the acoustical and audio system design for the restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The restoration brought the cathedral into full conformance with contemporary Catholic liturgical standards…. Read more »

Resilient Channels

Acoustical Consultants often specify resilient channels to improve the sound isolation of a construction assembly. Sound isolation is the amount of noise the wall or floor/ceiling reduces. Resilient channels are installed perpendicular to the stud or joist. This reduces the number of points were the gypsum board system is actually in direct contact with the… Read more »

Invisible Loudspeakers

Stealth Acoustics produces a family of invisible, flat-panel loudspeakers, designed for flush wall or ceiling mounting that sound great! The new loudspeakers from Stealth Acoustics offer a truly invisible loudspeaker solution for whole house audio, surround sound, paging, masking, foreground music, board room audio and other applications that require a full-range loudspeaker with wide dispersion…. Read more »

Blast Berms for the Space Shuttle Launch Pad

We are often asked what type of acoustics we specialize in. Our response: “Everything – The field of acoustics is so specialized we cannot afford to focus on one type of building. The only type of structures we have not been part of in some form are a Nuclear Power Plant or a Concert Hall.”… Read more »

“I Didn’t Know You Did That”

If we just had a nickel for every time we hear “I didn’t know you did that!”… Most recently, a very good client was sharing an elevator ride with us and mentioned he needed someone to do an audiovisual system design. He has used us frequently for acoustics, but never realized we also did AV!… Read more »