The Elusive System Check Out

Increasingly, in both our home and work environments, we live in a world of automation. And, accordingly, our demands have risen just beyond the limits of reasonable expedemands ctation. Is it any wonder, then, that we frequently hear “What do you mean I have to adjust it? Isn’t it digital?” With Digital Signal Processing ubiquitous,… Read more »

Product Review: guidePORT Visitor Information System

Visitor guidance is taken to the next level with guidePORT, a digital wireless visitor information system specifically developed for optimum presentation of exhibitions.  Ever go to an exhibit and want more detailed information on one item while the person you are with wants more detailed information on another item?  With guidePORT, visitors can get detailed… Read more »

Focus on Lighting: Taking Control of Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting should be designed to complement your needs and as your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt accordingly.  Lighting controls are the answer.  Several options are available to help make your environment and your life more comfortable and “green”. Lighting controls can be as simple as the familiar toggle or rocker… Read more »

Focus on Technology: The Greening Power of AV

Green power or green technology is a concept that has become a general buzzword in the construction industry. In its most general terms, it means using renewable power. It first started showing the most presence with building owners trying to get LEED certification for buildings. For example, for projects attempting to obtain the LEED green… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: Mixed Use Buildings

Many cities are changing their zoning laws to allow for the development of mixed-use buildings or re-development sites.  This means that many planning committees that once favored the suburban planning model of residences in one part of town and business in another are now moving towards a new model more like urban centers.  While this… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics-Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, because of its high recycled content and superior insulating qualities over loose fitting batt insulation, is being used with increasing frequency. It is even more common when a project is seeking to meet objectives outlined by sustainable building programs, such as LEED. Spray foam insulation comes in two different flavors: Open cell,… Read more »

Deeper Into the Cloud We Go: The Integration of AV into IT

For most of the audiovisual (AV) systems designed in the 80s and 90s, there was a clear point of demarcation between where information technology (IT) networks ended and AV systems began. Early AV systems only used analog phone lines for audio conferencing. The mid-80s brought video conferencing and a requirement for digital phone lines such… Read more »

Steve Thorburn Named Educator of the Year- 2011

As an industry expert and thought leader in the AV industry, Steve Thorburn was named 2011 Educator of the Year by InfoComm International. The award was in recognition of his 35,000 plus student hours in teaching acoustics and audiovisual technology. Since 1995, Steve has: Taught at least two or more courses annually at the InfoComm… Read more »