Steve Thorburn Named Educator of the Year- 2011

As an industry expert and thought leader in the AV industry, Steve Thorburn was named 2011 Educator of the Year by InfoComm International. The award was in recognition of his 35,000 plus student hours in teaching acoustics and audiovisual technology. Since 1995, Steve has:

  • Taught at least two or more courses annually at the InfoComm conference
  • Developed and taught multi-day sessions under the original InfoComm Institute for Professional Development (IPD) program
  • Co-taught sessions with fellow faculty members of the InfoComm Academy.

Steve also participated in the development of the CTS-Installation and CTS-Design curriculum courses and designations which ultimately became industry standards. He has achieved “Senior InfoComm International Academy Faculty” status and was on InfoComm’s Install School Committee and Design School Committee. Active in the audiovisual industry for over 30 years, Steve has volunteered his knowledge, energy, time, and passion to the AV industry and InfoComm. The award was presented to Steve’s wife, Lisa, at a luncheon held in June at the annual trade show, in Orlando, FL, because Steve was unavailable since he was doing what he was recognized for – teaching. Please join everyone at TA in congratulating Steve on this honor!

The InfoComm International Educator of the Year award was created to recognize an individual who has made important contributions to the professional development, education, and training of the AV industry on AV topics and values.

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