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Devil In The Details

Let’s look at the word “submittal.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language’s third definition of submittal is: to commit (something) to the consideration or judgment of another. From a consultant’s point of view, submittals are printed documents or samples that define something. It could be the contractor’s qualifications, or products’ quality, quantities and… Read more »

Time Out Of Mind

Why does the last 20 percent of the project seem to take 80 percent of the time? Our challenge in the last few months has been dealing with or trying to deal with closeout submittals-one of those nasty little things that consultants require. It’s not that consultants want to make busy work for contractors, it’s… Read more »

When is a Project a Success?

When is a project a success? When it is done? When you are paid? When you have not had call backs? When you were not sued?! For us, it is when the customer is happy. We have given them something that makes their day-to-day job easier to do, it works, and they have a smile… Read more »