Acoustical Consulting

Acoustics is the science of sound. It is generally broken down into the following:

Architectural Room Acoustics

The geometric design of a room and the interior finishes greatly affect the overall sound quality. Echoes and reverberation can be easily avoided during the design phase with simple alterations. Our BinauralizationTM (room simulation) service also helps identify potential problems before a facility is built.

Conceptual and Detail Architectural Acoustic Design services include:

  • Acoustical Analysis of Existing Facilities
  • Speech Intelligibly, Speech Privacy within Rooms
  • Reverberation and Clarity of Sound
  • Refection, Diffusion, and Absorption of Sound
  • Aspect Ratios to Promote Excellent Room Acoustics

Sound Isolation

Sound Isolation controls the transfer of noise between adjacent spaces. It is most commonly used for projects where critical spaces are located near noise sources. For instance, if you have a conference room next to an elevator you need the sound isolation requirements to insure that the elevator noise does not intrude onto the conference room activities.

Another example is in multi-family housing where the transfer of noise between apartments or condominiums needs to be controlled.

Successful sound isolation cannot be obtained by just applying materials to the surface of the walls. The actual construction methods are critical. At Thorburn Associates, we provide Sound Isolation Design Services in the following areas:

  • Review of Project Requirements and Development of Sound Isolation Criteria
  • Floor/Ceiling and Wall Construction Details to Prevent Noise Transmission
  • Window and Door Selections to Meet Sound Isolation Criteria
  • Recommendations for Keeping Interior and Exterior Noise from Affecting Adjacent Spaces

Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control

Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control is the coordination of plumbing and other mechanical systems to minimize their impact on the facility.

Mechanical noise or vibration can adversely affect the activities occurring within the facility. At Thorburn Associates we provide the following Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control services:

  • Vibration Isolation
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Mechanical Systems, Plumbing Systems
  • Ventilation Systems – Duct Rumble, Diffuser Hiss, Rooftop Units
  • Central Plants

Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise Abatement is in increasing demand as our population centers become more crowded. Will your project meet stringent state and local codes? What about its impact on neighboring sites? Our lab has a wide variety of calibrated equipment for handling many different types of acoustical measurements. Our tests can be performed in accordance with strict ASTM, ANSI and SMPTE standards.

TA provides the following services:

  • Traffic Noise Studies
  • Highway, Aircraft and Railroad Noise
  • Extended Generator and Construction Noise
  • Site Evaluations and Surveys
  • Binauralization™