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The Benefits of PoE Lighting

To PoE, or not to PoE, that is the question! If the great English playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare were alive today, we’re sure this would be his question! So, what does PoE mean, and how does PoE relate to lighting? PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. This technology provides the means of delivering… Read more »

THROUGH THE YEARS… Celebrating 25 Years of Design Excellence! 2004-2006

Thorburn Associates is proud to have worked on a variety of projects throughout our first 25 years! 2004: Baylor University, Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center, Waco, Texas. The University needed to create a learning space with a boardroom like atmosphere while main- taining the functionality of a classroom. With no clear vision on how to… Read more »

The Exceptional Communication Experience – It’s More Than Just Technology!

“We help design the full experience” stated Steve Thorburn in a Lessons Learned project wrap-up meeting. The project was for an Investment firm and was a hybrid of project delivery methods: design/build for rooms the owner felt could be cloned and design/bid/build for special spaces. “It is more than the gear in the rack; it… Read more »

Product Review: Insight Lighting’s SmartWall® Ever Changing Wall Color!

The true measure of sustainability in LED lighting products today has less to do with quantity of light and more to do with efficient management of the digital source. Insight’s revolutionary SmartWall® employs their proven SmartEdge® digital LED technology with a unique engraving process to create luminous white light and color changing wall systems. Whether… Read more »

Focus on Lighting: Taking Control of Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting should be designed to complement your needs and as your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt accordingly.  Lighting controls are the answer.  Several options are available to help make your environment and your life more comfortable and “green”. Lighting controls can be as simple as the familiar toggle or rocker… Read more »

LED Technology: Ready for Primetime?

For some time, consumers have been excited about the energy savings and efficient production of light from LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology compared to traditional light sources (incandescent and fluorescent). Most lighting design professionals, however, still approach the general use of LED technology with a bit of trepidation since many LED products have come to… Read more »

Focus on Lighting: The Importance of Color

Lighting is often the forgotten design element. Though its effects are powerful, the medium itself is rather intangible. Because lighting can drastically affect atmosphere, and since it generally flies in under most people’s conscious radar, good lighting is an economical and easy way to change and transform the atmosphere of a facility. Understanding color is… Read more »

Product Review: LED 2 by 2 Ceiling Grid Lighting Fixture

LED products finally getting practical! Known for their flashy color changing abilities, manufacturers are bringing LED products to the everyday world. Lunera Lighting ( has introduced a 2 x 2 lay-in grid fixture that is only 1.25 inches thick (avoids those fights with HVAC systems), is dimmable, and has a five year warranty … and… Read more »