Electronic Security 101

September 17, 2021   
What You Need to Know About Electronic Security We’re often asked to design security systems for our clients. However, the term “security system” can be deceptive. Today, most organizations, facilities, and communities rely on multiple interconnected systems for their security

Recent Design Trends for AV Systems

May 6, 2021   
We were recently contacted by a friend who is the Chief Technology Officer for a large hospital. He became involved with a major renovation project on his main campus. Having been involved with the Design/Bid/Build process many times before, he

E-news September 2020

September 11, 2020   
Project Highlight Asheville Art Museum Expansion and Renovation Established in 1948, the Asheville Art Museum is the third oldest art museum in North Carolina. At the beginning of this century the museum recognized a need for more space, and for

The Community – Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World

May 11, 2020   
Lisa partnered with Cline Design and other industry peers to look into the future of design, discussing how they might provide solutions that address the current pandemic and other crisis situations. A summary of the article taken from The Community

Sennheiser Consultant Spotlight: Steve Thorburn

April 20, 2020   
Each month, Sennheiser will spotlight a consultant and ask them questions on their insights into the AV industry. This month’s spotlight is Steve Thorburn, Director of Engineering at Thorburn Associates, with offices in California, Florida, and North Carolina. 1. How

Can you hear me now?

April 16, 2020   
As I draft this note we continue to shelter at home and are continuing to see an increase in virtual meetings. I cannot begin to imagine how we would have conducted this work even two years ago. Changes in technology and the

Looking Your Best on Video as You Work from Home

April 9, 2020   
Following up on the Quick Tips for Virtual Meetings we shared last week (link here), I wanted to dive into the topic of looking your best on camera. As pointed out before, much of this is common sense, but you

Steve’s Top Takeaways from Infocomm 2017

June 16, 2017   
Sony’s Crystal LED display literally stopped me in my tracks.  The large image they showed was just stunning.  At 9 feet high by 32 feet wide it was a tiled image that had such great color depth and contrast.  A

Norway’s Changing Airwaves: A Foreshadowing of the United States’ Shifting Radio Channels -Why You Should Care

January 31, 2017   
The change to digital radio in an entire Scandinavian country is a reminder of changing regulations governing the telecommunication airwaves across the world. These changes can impact how well your wireless audio equipment works into the future! Norway will officially

The Exceptional Communication Experience – It’s More Than Just Technology!

January 29, 2016   
“We help design the full experience” stated Steve Thorburn in a Lessons Learned project wrap-up meeting. The project was for an Investment firm and was a hybrid of project delivery methods: design/build for rooms the owner felt could be cloned