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Product Review: Analog Signage

Let’s face it: Sometimes you don’t need a projection system or a monitor. Sometimes you just need a sign! But even plain old signage has been moving forward and making the most of advances in technology. An example is the nifty banner signs and related products offered by Post-Up Stand ( The sign is a… Read more »

Project News: Madison County Courthouse Restoration

Audiovisual systems in America’s courtrooms are nothing new these days. Many of us remember the O.J. Simpson murder trial and how Judge Ito would say, “Put it on the Elmo,” (Elmo being a brand of video document camera). Most new-construction judicial facilities that Thorburn Associates has designed include some combination of sound recording, sound reinforcement,… Read more »

Focus on Technology: AV & IT Convergence

Convergence seizes two different technologies that originated with different purposes, and integrates them to have a common function in a common environment. In the current evolution of the Audiovisual industry, there is a convergence with the Information Technology Industry, so that IT considerations are becoming a major factor in every AV designer’s work and the… Read more »

Focus on Technology: Using AV for Worship Center Security

Our worship centers are not exempt from the crimes of opportunity and other losses that are found in the rest of our world. The nature of the worship experience makes us vulnerable. So with a special eye we need to review our surroundings and determine how to better protect the institution, its property and the… Read more »

Product Review: InfoComm, Were You Audio-Immersed?

Nearly 35,000 AV professionals from almost 100 countries attended the 2008 InfoComm show in Las Vegas this past June – the largest InfoComm gathering ever, in fact. Thorburn Associates has had a longstanding presence at InfoComm as an educator. This year as last, we supplemented our slate of sessions with a special feature on the… Read more »

Can You See Me Now?

By: Steve Thorburn How do we have a good video meeting? The answer is the same as for a face-to-face meeting-we need to hear and see well in order to communicate and meet effectively. In terms of videoconferencing, how do we set things up visually to support that goal? This is a challenge on almost… Read more »