CAVSP Certification

Certified Audio Visual Service Provider (CAVSP) is a certification process offered by InfoComm International that insures companies uphold the highest standards in the AV industry. CAVSP certified companies can help consumers make informed choices for their audiovisual projects. Word of mouth and advertising are marketing tools–but to be certified means skills are tested and documented. As technology changes, so must the education of companies whose life’s blood is that technology. InfoComm offers education for individuals and companies to hone their craft and keep up with fast-paced technology.

The denotation behind someone’s name, for instance, Eric Cronwall, CTS-D, means that person has successfully completed specialized training; i.e., Certified Technology Specialist in Design. Similarly, training occurs in the areas of installation, rental products and sales. So, if you’ve always wondered what those letters meant after the names, now you know.

AV professional organizations that have earned the CAVSP seal have a certain percentage of employees with CTS, CTS-D, CTS-R, CTS-S or CTS-I certification. Companies can achieve Basic, Silver or Gold CAVSP levels. Thorburn Associates was the first consulting firm to receive Gold Certification!

Companies are approved for one year then must renew to maintain the certification designation. InfoComm offers certification training and testing year round. For more information on the certification process, please visit: