Mall of America Tycoon Video Game

Imagine our surprise when we found out one of our projects, Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN is the cornerstone of a new “Tycoon” video game. For those of you not up on the latest and greatest in video games, the Tycoon series of video games let you “build” and run various types of attractions or facilities such as your own city, airport, school, roller coaster, or circus. This tycoon game, according to the product description, allows you to “build and manage the ultimate shopping and entertainment paradise! …Design a 4.2 million square foot mega-complex with everything from major department stores to boutique, the tastiest selections in the food court, and even Camp Snoopy.” Since we are not avid gamers, please be sure to read the reviews before purchasing. We just thought it was cool to see a project made into a video game!