Product Review: guidePORT Visitor Information System

Visitor guidance is taken to the next level with guidePORT, a digital wireless visitor information system specifically developed for optimum presentation of exhibitions.  Ever go to an exhibit and want more detailed information on one item while the person you are with wants more detailed information on another item?  With guidePORT, visitors can get detailed information – without any interruptions – at their own pace and route through the exhibit.

This highly flexible system can be used for individual tours, group tours, or conferences. In addition, guidePORT systems are highly flexible and allow for changes to text recordings at anytime to incorporate complex, lip-synced multimedia presentations without difficulty and, similar to public address systems, incorporate additional live information.  guidePORT can even collect statistical data about how visitors interact with exhibitions and determine the level of acceptance of the exhibits, which can then be evaluated in a statistically meaningful manner using software that can be purchased at a later date. For additional information about guidePORT systems go to