Standards On-line and Up-to-Date

While attending the California Council Desert Practice Conference in October we had the chance to talk with David Richards of IHS Engineering. IHS is the world’s largest distributor of technical standards, codes, specifications, and related documents. Their Standards Store allows you to search and purchase individual documents from more than 450 technical societies around the world such as AIA/NAS, ANSI, API, ASQ, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BSI, CSA, DIN, EIA, GM, IEC, ICEA, IEEE, IPC, ISA, ISO, NEMA, NFPA, SAE, TIA UL to name a few. Collections are also available by subscription, including British Standards. Delivery Methods for IHS standards include over the web, CD-ROM, and others.

So what this means, is that for a fee you can keep your office up to date on all types of standards that might be needed in the design and engineering of your next project. While the fee is not small in many cases it will be more cost effective than ordering the paper versions of the standards every time they are updated. More information can be found at