Students to Have Access to New Technology for Film, Music and Dance

The Performing Arts Facility on the De Anza Community College campus in San Jose, CA is under construction. The building is designed as a multi-use facility serving as classroom space, an auditorium, exhibition area and lobby.

Established in 1967, De Anza Community College currently serves approximately 22,000 students. The 112-acre campus includes an Olympic aquatics complex and 5,500 seat outdoor arena.

Thorburn Associates designed the audiovisual systems and acoustical treatments for the Performing Arts Facility focusing on maximum flexibility and requiring minimal support staff. The auditorium, used for a variety of college and public events, includes the following:

  • The main sound mixing console position for live performances; also to be used for film and video post-production work.
  • A film projection screen with loudspeakers and masking all permanently mounted to the truss that can be winched out of the way for music and dance performances.
  • 16mm and 35mm projectors installed in the projection booth with controls for all the projectors available at the mix position, control booth as well as backstage.

The auditorium also serves as a teaching space, utilizing a portable lectern with tilt-up interface for laptop network and power connections as well as an overhead document camera. Presenters will have the option of using a lectern-mounted gooseneck or wireless microphone.

The facility’s design allows for quick transitions of the space’s variable acoustic system to accommodate the needs of different events.

Flat panel displays in the lobby and box office will be used for venue announcements and digital signage promotions of upcoming events.

The Euprhat Art exhibition space features smart classroom equipment to support lectures and special events. An adjoining Art History classroom will also be similarly equipped and capable of showing computer video and film on a full wall projection surface.