Cal Green – California’s Newest Building Code

April 1, 2011   
The importance of acoustics is often forgotten until a building is completed. However, the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code (CalGreen Code) which took effect January 1, 2011 made it mandatory for all new construction in California (non-residential and residential

Focus on Acoustics: High-Rise Buildings

August 1, 2007   
Determining proper acoustics for high-rise buildings involves: the intention of the space, speech privacy, background noise and sound masking. The goal is to select acoustical finishes that will meet the visions of the owner and the architect while providing a

Acoustical Terms – What Are They/What Do They Mean?

June 1, 1993   
Recently we were asked “What is the difference between STC, NRC, and NC and are they interrelated?” STC or Sound Transmission Class, describes how much sound a wall or a floor/ceiling construction will block from one room to the next.

Office Acoustics

March 1, 1993   
A question we are frequently asked by Project Managers is how can we improve the acoustical privacy between offices and work stations? The level of acoustical privacy is defined as the amount of conversation that can be heard and understood