Focus on Technology: The Time is Ripe for Green AV

April 1, 2009   
Unless you just arrived on this planet, you know the AEC industry is pursuing ways to conserve energy resources and go “green”. With ten percent of the new economic stimulus package being invested in green projects, the AV industry is

Video Conferencing – What Does It Mean For You?

October 1, 1995   
Canon saved about $200,000 during 1993-94…the US Navy’s distance learning network saved over $4 million over a four-year period…and Norfolk Southern Railroad saved $1,080,000 over an 18-month period. How? By video conferencing! A number of our clients are upgrading their

Binauralization™ — Now You Can HEAR How it Will Sound BEFORE Construction Starts!

April 1, 1995   
How often have you wondered what a room was going to sound like before it was built? How would it sound if the walls were parallel and not canted? Are all of the acoustical room finishes really required? Will there