Norway’s Changing Airwaves: A Foreshadowing of the United States’ Shifting Radio Channels -Why You Should Care

January 31, 2017   
The change to digital radio in an entire Scandinavian country is a reminder of changing regulations governing the telecommunication airwaves across the world. These changes can impact how well your wireless audio equipment works into the future! Norway will officially

Product Review: Insight Lighting’s SmartWall® Ever Changing Wall Color!

December 1, 2011   
The true measure of sustainability in LED lighting products today has less to do with quantity of light and more to do with efficient management of the digital source. Insight’s revolutionary SmartWall® employs their proven SmartEdge® digital LED technology with

Project Profile: Campbell University’s John W. Pope, Jr. Convocation Center

October 1, 2010   
Students at Campbell University, located in Buies Creek, NC, were used to playing basketball in the cramped Carter Gym on campus, which held just shy of 1,000 spectators. In 2008, however, the school announced plans to build a new athletic

Product Viewpoint: For Small Theaters, Digital Cinema Has Benefits For Big Theaters, Stick with Film (for now)

April 1, 2008   
The needs of museums, educational institutions and conferencing venues differ from those of the cineplex, and digital cinema as it is right now does not always meet them. There are benefits: print cost goes away, the last run of the

Focus on Technology: Analog-to-Digital: The New Y2K? Part II

April 1, 2008   
As you may know, February 17, 2009 is the date on which, in the US, any TV stations still operating analog (NTSC) transmitters must shut them down. Without a converter box or a television, DVD/VCR, DVD Recorder with a digital

Focus on Technology: Analog-to-Digital: The New Y2K? Part I

February 1, 2008   
February 17, 2009 should be an interesting time in the US. Any TV stations still operating analog (NTSC) transmitters that day must shut them down at midnight. Without a converter box or a television, DVD/VCR, DVD Recorder with a digital

Digital Signage at Federated Department Stores

March 1, 2005   
The recent deluge of trade magazine articles on digital signage makes it seem like every business, school, airport and government facility should immediately jump on the Digital Signage bandwagon, or be left behind. But digital signage is just another way

Digital IMAX

September 1, 2004   
Earlier this month at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSTA) conference in Montréal, we had the chance to see Spiderman 2 on a big, IMAX size screen. If you have not been to an IMAX or other Large Format Cinema

Widescreen: The New Standard?

June 1, 2004   
The other “big thing” at InfoComm 2004 is projector manufacturers are finally delivering “widescreen projection” by actually shipping native resolution widescreen digital projectors. For the past 6 years, the projection industry has moved from analog projectors to digital projectors (the

Digital Preservation

April 1, 2001   
You know those dusty boxes of photographs you’ve been meaning to put into an album? Or the shelf full of videotapes of the kids growing up? The glass-plate slides your dad took on vacation? Or even the 8mm film reels