InfoComm 2016, Steve Thorburn’s rAVe Interview with Joel Rollins

October 20, 2016   
This year at Infocomm 2016 , Steve Thorburn was interviewed by rAVe Publications Joel Rollins. He talks about the challenges facing AV designers and meeting the expectations of clients.      

Deeper Into the Cloud We Go: The Integration of AV into IT

August 1, 2011   
For most of the audiovisual (AV) systems designed in the 80s and 90s, there was a clear point of demarcation between where information technology (IT) networks ended and AV systems began. Early AV systems only used analog phone lines for

Focus on Technology: AV & IT Convergence

December 1, 2008   
Convergence seizes two different technologies that originated with different purposes, and integrates them to have a common function in a common environment. In the current evolution of the Audiovisual industry, there is a convergence with the Information Technology Industry, so

Deep Freeze – One Way to End Computer Downtime

December 1, 2005   
If you are as tired as we are of computer downtime and related technical support costs caused by software conflicts, registry corruption, virus attack, or any other problem, we have a suggestion that may help. In researching products to solve