Using Cell Phones to Make Noise Measurements

June 1, 2014   
Twice in the last month, we have heard “I just used my cell phone to make noise measurements so you do not need to make measurements.” Mobile phone sound meter applications have added a new twist to our consulting services.

Environmental Acoustics

May 1, 2005   
Determining if what one hears is “sound” or “noise” can be a difficult task. What is music to one person is a loud racket to another – just ask any parents with teenage children! It also depends on the time

Variable Acoustics

November 1, 2004   
Modern halls and churches come in all shapes and sizes, and the push for these spaces to be multipurpose spaces creates acoustical challenges. From music requiring long reverberation times, to dramatic performances that require greater articulation and ambient warmth, a

Residential Sound Isolation

June 1, 1994   
We frequently get calls from owners and tenants who wish to improve the sound isolation between apartments and condominiums, particularly in older units.  The call often begins with, “I want something I can spray on to the wall to soundproof

Office Acoustics

March 1, 1993   
A question we are frequently asked by Project Managers is how can we improve the acoustical privacy between offices and work stations? The level of acoustical privacy is defined as the amount of conversation that can be heard and understood