Project Highlight: Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center

October 1, 2007   
The new Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Medical Offices in Santa Clara, CA recently opened on a 52-acre campus. The facility is equipped with leading edge technology yet designed with a warm, inviting environment. The hospital campus is home for a

Recent Natural Disasters Spark a Renewed Interest in Emergency Generators

February 1, 2006   
Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards—severe weather can interrupt power service for hours or even days. Without electricity, business usually comes to a complete halt while costs escalate. A reliable power source can keep computers, lights, heating units, pumps, freezers and medical

“I Didn’t Know You Did That”

March 1, 2004   
If we just had a nickel for every time we hear “I didn’t know you did that!”… Most recently, a very good client was sharing an elevator ride with us and mentioned he needed someone to do an audiovisual system