Creating a Functional Multi-Function Room

November 30, 2016   
Technology has continued to evolve rapidly in the last few years, and much of it is being streamlined into small compact equipment. Meeting rooms no longer need to rely on multiple pieces of huge equipment; fewer smaller pieces are needed

To RT60, or Not to RT60

December 1, 2007   
It’s surprising how often we’re asked to design a space for a specific reverberation time (RT60), when in actuality it is a completely inappropriate criteria for the project. We understand that “reverberation” is just a really fun word to say,

Cell Phones

September 1, 2004   
Tired of cell phone interruptions and the poor etiquette of others when they are on cell phone calls? It seems that four churches in Monterrey, Mexico are too! They have started jamming calls. The $1,500 jammers are boxes about the