Complimentary Webinar – Urban Acoustics

July 9, 2015   
July 15, 2015 12:00pm – 1pm Central COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR….REGISTER NOW Education Credit: 1 AIA/CES LU (HSW) or PDH credit FBPE-approved provider As with any issue of building performance, the acoustics of a mixed-use wood-frame structure can be designed to meet

Focus on Acoustics: Acoustically Integrated Architecture in the LEED Era, Part I

February 1, 2009   
The concept of Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture (AIR – a term coined by Thorburn Associates) is basic enough: AIR is a best practice in which the interface of disciplines (architecture, acoustics, AV engineering, lighting, interior design, etc.) creates spaces that foster

Focus on Acoustics: Sound Isolation between Workstations

October 1, 2008   
As with all matters acoustical, things seem to come in waves. The latest revolution of problems to solve: private offices along window walls in office buildings. People have been complaining they hear everything that is said on the other side

Focus on Acoustics: Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture (AIR)

August 1, 2008   
For years, TA has worked to influence the building and construction trades by advocating for acoustically friendly design, and now we’ve given that practice a name: Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture (AIR). AIR is a holistic best practice which, recognizing that the

Project Highlight: University of Illinois Speech Language Pathology Clinic

June 1, 2008   
When the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign decided to expand their Speech Language Pathology Clinic to a second location they wanted it to provide a state-of-the-art site that facilitated best practices in both education and speech-language therapy. For not only

Focus on Acoustics: High-Rise Buildings

August 1, 2007   
Determining proper acoustics for high-rise buildings involves: the intention of the space, speech privacy, background noise and sound masking. The goal is to select acoustical finishes that will meet the visions of the owner and the architect while providing a

Soundproof Windows?

January 1, 2005   
It’s late at night and you’ve just settled down to sleep, when the neighborhood dog starts barking – loudly. At first you try ignoring it, then as it continues, you try covering your head with your pillow. Just as you

Office Acoustics

March 1, 1993   
A question we are frequently asked by Project Managers is how can we improve the acoustical privacy between offices and work stations? The level of acoustical privacy is defined as the amount of conversation that can be heard and understood