Avocent Announces Wireless Media Streamer

September 1, 2005   
*Avocent Corporation, a leading supplier of connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers, service providers and financial institutions worldwide, announced their new wireless media streamer at InfoCOMM. The Avocent Emerge WMS1000 wireless media streamer broadcasts high quality, full motion streaming video

Technology in Universities

July 1, 2005   
The use of audiovisual technology within the university setting is finally catching up with the corporate world. As new buildings are funded and older buildings renovated, the learning environment is being enhanced though the use of technology. Technology is no

Assessing Environmental Impacts – Noise Quality

July 1, 2005   
So, your local newspaper just announced that a major developer wants to put in a new mixed-use project. They want to tear down existing buildings, create new roads, add public areas, and put in several new buildings with underground parking,

Demolition Noise and Vibration Monitoring

May 1, 2005   
Last month one of our High Tech clients came to us with a neat problem. They will be tearing down a warehouse building built in the early 70’s. The problem is that the building shares a party wall and interlocked

Why STC Doesn’t Tell You Everything

March 1, 2005   
The sound isolating properties of wall and floor/ceiling assemblies are often presented using a single number rating system, the Sound Transmission Class (STC). The STC rating of a partition is determined by following an ASTM Standard which compares the sound

Paradise Park Wins Best FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Award

November 1, 2004   
Way to go Team! Designed and Produced by White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Randy White Architect: Finkle/Williams, David Williams Acoustical Engineer: Thorburn Associates, Steve, Tyler and Katherina Paradise Park in Kansas City, Missouri, the family entertainment and children’s edutainment


September 1, 2004   
It’s time to re-visit the issues of acoustics for conference rooms. We are getting a number of phone calls from clients looking for help with the quality of their conference calls. Problems are in one of two areas: it is

Laminated Glass on Steroids

June 1, 2004   
Sekisui, a Japanese firm, has come up with a new way to improve the acoustical performance of laminated glass which is often used to reduce noise transfer from space to space when vision is desired. The inner layer of the

Retail Audio

May 1, 2004   
Have you ever noticed the plasma screens and TV monitors greeting you when you are shopping in your local Bloomingdale’s or Eddie Bauer? Have you heard the dance-club-like sound systems in the Junior’s departments at Macy’s or in Old Navy?

Blast Berms for the Space Shuttle Launch Pad

March 1, 2004   
We are often asked what type of acoustics we specialize in. Our response: “Everything – The field of acoustics is so specialized we cannot afford to focus on one type of building. The only type of structures we have not