The Elusive System Check Out

October 17, 2011   
Increasingly, in both our home and work environments, we live in a world of automation. And, accordingly, our demands have risen just beyond the limits of reasonable expedemands ctation. Is it any wonder, then, that we frequently hear “What do

Project Highlight: City of Raleigh Wastewater Treatment Training Centers

August 1, 2008   
CHALLENGE: The City of Raleigh sought to create three new training spaces at three separate wastewater treatment facilities. Two of the spaces were new construction, while the third was a renovation of existing space. The city wanted each of the

Historical Temple Goes Retail

May 1, 2004   
When built in 1912, the Moorish-style Medinah Temple was a meeting place for the Shrine of North America. After a 21st century, multi-million dollar restoration and renovation, the historic building at 600 N. Wabash Ave., in Chicago’s River North area,

Making Audiovisual Systems Easy to Use

February 1, 2004   
As technology evolves it seems that it becomes harder to operate and control. Manufacturers are giving us features and options that while useful at some level are not needed most of the time. Control systems are what make systems easier

It’s Time to Take Control

June 1, 1998   
All audiovisual systems have something in common, no matter how simple or complex they may be: a control system. A/V control systems can range from a simple wall switch to a complicated Visual Basic program embedded inside a Power Point

The Invisible Audiovisual System

April 1, 1997   
One issue that we face with our projects is making technology transparent within the space it occupies. For many projects, the end users and owners want to see the audio and/or visual systems they spent their money on. They want