Video-conference With Your Cell Phone??

July 1, 2005   
It seems that Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone did not set the bar high enough. Nor did AT&T’s Videophone demonstration at the 1964 World’s Fair. Soon, we will be able to video-conference between our mobile phones. Demonstrated earlier this year in

Video Conferencing in a Box!

January 1, 2005   
It has started again! While watching the recent football playoff and bowl games the following commercial was aired: Two entrepreneurs are standing in an empty hanger wondering where the walls will go in their new office, when in walks a

New Advances in Video Conferencing Technology H.264

December 1, 2003   
A new video conferencing standard, H.264, delivers twice the video quality currently experienced in video conferencing meetings. H.264 provides a far more efficient mechanism for compressing and decompressing motion video. This mechanism or algorithm requires significantly less bandwidth to transmit

Video Conference Technology

June 1, 2001   
One of our clients once stated: “A person needs to be at a location to facilitate the work process, not attend a meeting.” We have all heard about a business executive who took a three-day trip overseas to attend a