Technology Master Plan

We are seeing increasing interest among University campuses to develop master plans for their technology classrooms. For example, North Carolina State University established a Classroom Standards document some time ago but needed assistance formalizing a set of general guidelines into a standard set of drawings and specifications that could be provided to prospective architects or contractors building or renovating classroom facilities on campus. Thorburn Associates worked with Facilities Planning and Design and the audiovisual design group on campus to standardize the University’s classroom types and select compatible equipment that allows the easiest transition from basic to high level technology with the same general user interface in each classroom. All while keeping maintenance and construction costs in check.

In assisting with master planning, we typically meet with the client on several occasions and develop an audiovisual program that represents their requirements for standards based AV classroom spaces that can be used throughout campus. We then specify equipment that meets their current needs while maintaining acceptable standards for maintenance, reliability, and cost. Once these decisions are approved, we generate CAD drawings and an AV specification document listing all of their requirements for all of the room types used throughout campus.

Overall, this comprehensive planning package enhances technology instruction with a unified instructor interface and functional equipment level, while minimizing staff management of technology construction projects and using clear documented standards throughout the campus. This results in expanded technology classroom offerings to a larger segment of a campus than ever before.