The CatchBox

At InfoComm 2016 there was a nifty microphone that caught our eye, it was called the CatchBox, a soft colorful cube with a built in microphone. This design allows for the CatchBox to be tossed into the audience or between team members and helps increase audience participation and engagement.


Microphones have been a staple at events, large and small, for years. They are used so an audience member’s question or opinion can be heard easily. However they are often placed stationary in the aisles making audience members move if they want to speak.  If the mics are handed to audience members they have to be passed along physically. Conventional microphones are often made of metal, so it’s not ideal to toss them into audiences. If not caught the microphone could hit an audience member or they could dropped on the floor .  Mics are also sensitive; tossing a live mic can create loud disruptive static. To avoid this you have to turn it off , and rely on someone turning it back on.

The design of the CatchBox looked to specifically address these issues. The CatchBox is a soft and lightweight cube; it can be tossed with ease. If the CatchBox is dropped, the microphone inside is protected by the padding of the cube.

The microphone in the CatchBox was engineered to automatically mute when the mic is being tossed and un-mute when caught. This stops the unwanted noise from happening, and it doesn’t rely on the receiver to turn the mic back on. The “look” of the CatchBox can also be customized for any event or company.  Our own Max Kopsho used the CatchBox during his presentations at InfoComm, and he loved the way it got the audience participating.

You can learn more about the Catchbox at their website: