The Exceptional Communication Experience – It’s More Than Just Technology!

“We help design the full experience” was stated in a Lessons Learned project wrap-up meeting. The project was for an Investment firm and was a hybrid of project delivery methods: design/build for rooms the owner felt could be cloned and design/bid/build for special spaces. “It is more than the gear in the rack; it has to be about the participant’s full experience – sight lines, ergonomics, lighting, acoustics, and ease-of-use. This is TA’s value – to help the AEC team navigate through the path of issues to give the owner/user what they most commonly want in an exceptional space that is easy to use.”

Every interaction with others is a form of presentation. It may be a simple one-to-one spontaneous water cooler discussion or a fully choreographed event. While we may use the term “presentation experience” this often represents just a one way discussion… and while it may be semantics, it has to be about “communication” not just presentation.

In order to talk about presentations and the way we envision they should be, we should talk about the experience. Presentations must go beyond one directional information flow and PowerPoint. Presentations should be an experience. That is why we talk about the “Exceptional Communication Experience”.

The Exceptional Communication Experience is that sweet spot where three basic categories of presentations come together: the technology, the place, and the people.


When all three come together you will find that you have a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter using great materials given in an optimal environment enhanced by the most applicable technical tools available. This all forms one cohesive experience for the observer/participant that fully draws them in and commits them to content and causes them to invest as many senses, emotions, thoughts as possible.

The Exceptional Communication Experience is so much more than attending or hosting a meeting where information is forced at the audience in a “death by PowerPoint” fashion. When you have successfully achieved The Exceptional Communication Experience, everyone involved is better for it. In the Exceptional Communication Experience presenters become mentors, the audience becomes collaborators and everyone has added value to the message. This is all accomplished because the best tools and technology are available, the environment is optimal and the presenter and materials are appropriate. When it happens, it is a beautiful thing.

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