Product Review: Pyrok

What does the abbreviation “NRC” mean to you? To acousticians it usually means Noise Reduction Coefficient, a single number rating for the absorptive characteristics of a specific material AND mounting condition at four frequencies within the range of speech. It is not, as its name implies, the difference in sound levels between two conditions or… Read more »

Project Profile: Quintiles

Quintiles Transnational, which helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies develop and market innovative therapies, recently celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. At 252,000 square feet, the new, 10- story, glass-and-concrete structure, with room for some 1,100 employees, towers above its neighbors and glows at night from the light… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: Ceiling Treatments

Note: TA provided this article for the August 2009 issue of Buildings. Good acoustical design is an integral part of making a space fulfill its purpose. Whether we’re looking at retail space, a restaurant, open-plan offices, a videoconference room, a theater, a courtroom, an educational space, medical space, or another facility space, the implementation of… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: Hear and Be Heard – The Case for Acoustics in Themed Entertainment

Just as they are for conference rooms, auditoriums and commercial spaces, acoustical considerations are integral to the design of family entertainment centers, themed restaurants, theme parks, water parks, museums and other visitor attractions. (We call it Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture, or AIR.) Good acoustics are part of the pixie dust that creates an outstanding guest experience…. Read more »

Product Reviews: The Thorburn Office Experience

The new equipment and infrastructure helps make Thorburn Associates’ new North Carolina offices a pleasant, modern, functional space and an exemplary, working model of an open-plan office, featuring an exposed ceiling grid and first-rate acoustics. The office design is in conformance with LEED Silver (we hope) guidelines. When you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, please pay… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: Acoustically Integrated Architecture in the LEED Era, Part I

The concept of Acoustically Integrated aRchitecture (AIR – a term coined by Thorburn Associates) is basic enough: AIR is a best practice in which the interface of disciplines (architecture, acoustics, AV engineering, lighting, interior design, etc.) creates spaces that foster human community (offices, campuses, institutions, theaters, retail, worship, etc.) When the building in question is… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: The Cocktail Party Effect

We’ve all been to parties – especially around this time of year as we celebrate the holidays – and noticed how noisy these events can become. As the wine runs low, the noise level often runs high, but what’s really interesting is the personal acoustical phenomenon that takes place within this environment and your own… Read more »

Product Review: Netwell Noise Control

Minneapolis-based Netwell has been serving the acoustics industry for more than 20 years with a wide range of noise control products. Netwell supplies more than 60 products to the acoustics market and prides itself on cost-effectiveness and small orders. Sound absorption products include textured foam panels, bass traps, acoustical ceiling tiles and wall coverings. Sound… Read more »