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Project Highlight: Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center

The new Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Medical Offices in Santa Clara, CA recently opened on a 52-acre campus. The facility is equipped with leading edge technology yet designed with a warm, inviting environment. The hospital campus is home for a weekly Farmer’s Market, classes in healthcare, beautiful gardens and play areas for children. The facility… Read more »

High Definition Video-conferencing Provides Effective Real Communication

High Definition (HD) video communications are redefining what people expect from video-conferencing. With higher definition quality, the image is much clearer—enabling meetings to be natural and productive. The image resolution is over nine times better than traditional video-conferencing. To help understand the differences between standard and HD video-conferencing we need to discuss resolution, frame rates,… Read more »

Helipad Solutions

Corporations, television stations, police and firefighters use helipads, even high-end residential estates. The noise from the helicopters as they approach, land, and take off can be extremely disruptive to anyone within earshot. At Thorburn Associates our Engineers can provide the acoustical solution. We start by working with the architect, the end-user and the helipad planner… Read more »

Project Highlight: San Francisco GSA Building

The San Francisco Federal Building was designed by Thom Mayne, principal of Santa Monica-based Morphosis and assisted by The Smith Group in San Francisco. Located on Mission and Seventh Streets in the South of Market neighborhood, the SF Federal Building is LEED certified. The 18-story facility is long and lean with almost all offices receiving… Read more »

Focus on Acoustics: High-Rise Buildings

Determining proper acoustics for high-rise buildings involves: the intention of the space, speech privacy, background noise and sound masking. The goal is to select acoustical finishes that will meet the visions of the owner and the architect while providing a comfortable work-space. Lobby acoustics depend on how the space will be used. Will it be… Read more »

Project Highlight: Bartlett High School

Bartlett High School has a multi-function auditorium that doubles as a public venue for Performing Arts in Anchorage, Alaska. Designed and built on a high school budget, this theatre, “rivals that of the Anchorage Performance Arts Center,” said Jack Thomasen, an early visitor to the space. Thorburn Associates’ involvement in the project included: Provided high… Read more »

Project Highlight: San Jose Cambrian Branch Library

Libraries now days are competing with large bookstores and the Cambrian Branch has the means to be a contender. San Jose’s new library, designed by Anderson Brulé Architects, opened in November. The LEED certified building is 28,000 sq. ft. and includes an informal communal area with a cozy fireplace; group areas for meetings; technical center;… Read more »

Sound Myth-Understandings

A myth is a story handed down through history, often orally, that explains the unknown. In some cases, we have heard these myths so often we never question their veracity. The word itself comes from the Greek, “mythos” which meant speech but later came to mean legend. In the spirit of Mythbusters, we’ve found some… Read more »

Home Theater Equation

Bigger is not always better, or at least that’s the case with televisions, plasma and LCD projection screens. This week, more big-screen TV’s are sold due to Super Bowl-mania than any other time of year. Some considerations: –How big is the room? –Where will you normally be sitting? –How far away from the screen is… Read more »

TA Project Highlight: Mountain View Senior Center

Thorburn Associates was hired to design the technology infrastructure, that is, locations for all the loudspeakers, projection screens, future locations for equipment racks, conduits and power requirements during the design phase of the Mountain View Senior Center. The one story new construction building near San Jose, California, in the city of Mountain View, offers diverse… Read more »