Project Highlight: Bartlett High School

Bartlett High School has a multi-function auditorium that doubles as a public venue for Performing Arts in Anchorage, Alaska. Designed and built on a high school budget, this theatre, “rivals that of the Anchorage Performance Arts Center,” said Jack Thomasen, an early visitor to the space. Thorburn Associates’ involvement in the project included:

  • Provided high quality audio system that is simple enough to be used by a single person without the support of technical staff
  • Automatic mixing system created that allows for a single person to plug in one microphone for lecture purposes or simple performances
  • System designed to be controlled from the mix position in the audience or the control booth
  • Permanently wired power amplifiers power left, center and right main loudspeakers • Designed a Performance Audio System that included surround loudspeakers
  • Microphone and intercom connections in three floor pockets on the stage apron as well as wall panels and orchestra pit
  • Coordinated the positioning of the acoustical cloud (large reflective panels hung from ceiling) with loudspeaker layout system
  • Simple recording system located on stage allowing band/choir director to easily record a performance without setting up additional equipment
  • Individual sound systems in band/choir rehearsal rooms that allow recording/playback of music
  • Production intercom throughout the facility“One of the challenges to the audiovisual design was coordinating the surround loudspeakers with the intricate acoustical panels that line the back and sides of the room,” stated Thorburn Associates’ Senior Consultant Eric Cronwall.