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The State Of Themed Entertainment

By: Steve Thorburn School has started back up for the Fall, and the themed entertainment conference time has begun. The middle of September found us in Birmingham, England for the International Leisure Industry Week (LIW). The end of September found us in Maastricht, The Netherlands for TiLE and the third week in November will find… Read more »

Technology Master Plan

We are seeing increasing interest among University campuses to develop master plans for their technology classrooms. For example, North Carolina State University established a Classroom Standards document some time ago but needed assistance formalizing a set of general guidelines into a standard set of drawings and specifications that could be provided to prospective architects or… Read more »

Technology in Universities

The use of audiovisual technology within the university setting is finally catching up with the corporate world. As new buildings are funded and older buildings renovated, the learning environment is being enhanced though the use of technology. Technology is no longer limited to large rooms; smaller recitation rooms are now being fitted out. Distance learning… Read more »

Designing Lecterns to Accommodate Today’s Technology

The layout of “technology lecterns” is always an issue. The challenge is most every user has a different opinion! Grouping requirements to create a lectern that satisfies the most users is no easy task, but there are fundamental questions that should always be considered including: Size: How large should the lectern be to accommodate the… Read more »

Why STC Doesn’t Tell You Everything

The sound isolating properties of wall and floor/ceiling assemblies are often presented using a single number rating system, the Sound Transmission Class (STC). The STC rating of a partition is determined by following an ASTM Standard which compares the sound transmission loss from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz at the 1/3-octave band center frequencies to… Read more »

DWF Composer by Autodesk

Our office has been on the lookout for “red-lining” software for years – looking for something that will work. DWF Composer, by Autodesk may be the solution, or at least a partial solution. For our readers that are not part of the Design Industry, “redlining” or “mark-up” is the term commonly used within the design… Read more »

Baylor University – Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center

Baylor University officially dedicated the Southwest Securities Financial Markets Center, a world-class investment facility in the Hankamer School of Business, during a ceremony January 12 on the Baylor campus. Baylor’s newest classroom is a remodeled space in the Hankamer School of Business building. The Center is the brainchild of Dr. Terry Maness, dean of the… Read more »

Paradise Park Wins Best FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Award

Way to go Team! Designed and Produced by White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Randy White Architect: Finkle/Williams, David Williams Acoustical Engineer: Thorburn Associates, Steve, Tyler and Katherina Paradise Park in Kansas City, Missouri, the family entertainment and children’s edutainment center wins the Golden Token Award as the best new/renovated family entertainment center by the… Read more »

Variable Acoustics

Modern halls and churches come in all shapes and sizes, and the push for these spaces to be multipurpose spaces creates acoustical challenges. From music requiring long reverberation times, to dramatic performances that require greater articulation and ambient warmth, a venue must often accommodate performances with conflicting acoustical requirements such as music versus drama. The… Read more »

Laminated Glass on Steroids

Sekisui, a Japanese firm, has come up with a new way to improve the acoustical performance of laminated glass which is often used to reduce noise transfer from space to space when vision is desired. The inner layer of the lamination or the PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) layer was found as a location to improve the… Read more »