Product Review: Desktop Visualizer VZ-9plus3

Before PowerPoint, there was the overhead projector, and you may well remember its use in the classroom when you were growing up. Whatever happened to the overhead projector? It grew up and became the WolfVision Visualizer. This straightforward, user-friendly presentation tool still has its place in learning and teaching, and WolfVision keeps making it better…. Read more »

Focus on Technology: TEA’s SATE Conference

Storytelling. Architecture. Technology. Experience. These are the four basic components of a successful visitor attraction and perhaps any facility that involves a human experience. Since the beginning of time, storytelling has incorporated props and special effects (even if just a change in the volume of the storyteller’s voice) to enhance the experience. An article in… Read more »

Product Review: PowerPax Battery Caddy

Here’s an item that exemplifies the virtues of simplicity and utility: the PowerPax Battery Caddy, manufactured in St. Charles, IL. It’s like an egg carton for batteries. Loose batteries are a potential acid-leaking hazard, and hard to keep track of. The Battery Caddy solves this problem with a molded plastic unit that has two rows… Read more »

Focus on Technology: AV & IT Convergence

Convergence seizes two different technologies that originated with different purposes, and integrates them to have a common function in a common environment. In the current evolution of the Audiovisual industry, there is a convergence with the Information Technology Industry, so that IT considerations are becoming a major factor in every AV designer’s work and the… Read more »

Product Review: InfoComm, Were You Audio-Immersed?

Nearly 35,000 AV professionals from almost 100 countries attended the 2008 InfoComm show in Las Vegas this past June – the largest InfoComm gathering ever, in fact. Thorburn Associates has had a longstanding presence at InfoComm as an educator. This year as last, we supplemented our slate of sessions with a special feature on the… Read more »

Focus on Technology: How to Issue an RFP/RFQ

Over the years, Thorburn Associates has provided thousands of hours of training sessions at InfoComm conferences. One of the most popular sessions has been Lisa’s informative presentation on issuing RFP’s and RFQ’s. To help everyone understand the issuing process, here are some of the key elements of Lisa’s presentation. The process of solicitation takes several… Read more »