Another Neat New Loudspeaker

Part of the solution for the Bloomingdale’s Medinah Temple Home Store was finding a loudspeaker that sounded good, but had a small “form factor”. We had previously used TOA’s H-1 loudspeaker for pew back audio systems in churches and for sound masking systems. It was a natural fit for the Home Store.

The H Series Interior Design loudspeaker is an example of TOA’s innovative approach to commercial loudspeaker design. The unique, stylish appearance and superb sound quality of the three models, the H-1, H-2 and H-2WP, provide an alternative to conventional wall and ceiling-mount loudspeakers. The H Series Minimum Reflection design significantly reduces sound wave reflections and the resulting sound coloration that occurs with conventional bracket-mounted “box” type loudspeakers.

Wall or ceiling-mount installation is fast and easy using standard electrical boxes, and you can rotate and aim the loudspeaker components without altering the enclosure’s external appearance. Each H Series loudspeaker has a paintable grille and features a high quality “Ferrofluidcooled dome tweeter”, “Neodymium woofer”, 70.7/100 V matching transformer and removable terminal block. It is one more tool in the toolbox.