Product Review: Casio Signature Series Projectors

June 1, 2011   
  Wow, when TA started to look at what would be a good, respectable, small (read light weight) bright, wide screen projector for our team to use for meetings at client offices, we did not expect our final choice to

Product Review: Floor Boxes

April 1, 2011   
In our educational programs we joke around that we have never met a floor box that we liked. That is usually because someone pulled the wrong wire to the box, or it is not in the correct location, or it

Product Review: Printable Acoustic Cloth

December 1, 2010   
Sometimes it seems like acoustics and aesthetics are at odds with one another. But some companies, such as Whisper Walls® are trying to bridge the gap. The company’s WhisperArt product offers varying sizes of sound-dampening panels with the ability to

Product Review: Christie MicroTiles™

October 1, 2010   
Christie’s new MicroTiles may become the new standard in video walls. Unveiled over the last year at various trade shows and events, MicroTiles are small display units measuring roughly 12 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches. Each weighs about

Product Review: Sanyo Short Focus Projector

August 1, 2010   
The latest short-focus projector from Sanyo (PLC-WL2500) combines the limited maintenance features of their traditional models with the benefits of a short-focus projector. An 80-inch wide projection is possible with a mounting position only 34 inches from the screen. This

Product Review: LED 2 by 2 Ceiling Grid Lighting Fixture

February 1, 2010   
LED products finally getting practical! Known for their flashy color changing abilities, manufacturers are bringing LED products to the everyday world. Lunera Lighting ( has introduced a 2 x 2 lay-in grid fixture that is only 1.25 inches thick (avoids

Product Review: Desktop Visualizer VZ-9plus3

December 1, 2009   
Before PowerPoint, there was the overhead projector, and you may well remember its use in the classroom when you were growing up. Whatever happened to the overhead projector? It grew up and became the WolfVision Visualizer. This straightforward, user-friendly presentation

Product Review: Fabric Duct

October 1, 2009   
Fabric duct products, such as DuctSox, are often specified nowadays as a lower cost alternative to traditional metal ductwork for large spaces – such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, and convention halls – where large volumes of air need to be evenly

Product Review: Pyrok

August 1, 2009   
What does the abbreviation “NRC” mean to you? To acousticians it usually means Noise Reduction Coefficient, a single number rating for the absorptive characteristics of a specific material AND mounting condition at four frequencies within the range of speech. It

Product Reviews: The Thorburn Office Experience

April 1, 2009   
The new equipment and infrastructure helps make Thorburn Associates’ new North Carolina offices a pleasant, modern, functional space and an exemplary, working model of an open-plan office, featuring an exposed ceiling grid and first-rate acoustics. The office design is in