Product Review: Casio Signature Series Projectors

June 1, 2011   
  Wow, when TA started to look at what would be a good, respectable, small (read light weight) bright, wide screen projector for our team to use for meetings at client offices, we did not expect our final choice to

Product Review: Floor Boxes

April 1, 2011   
In our educational programs we joke around that we have never met a floor box that we liked. That is usually because someone pulled the wrong wire to the box, or it is not in the correct location, or it

Product Review: Christie MicroTiles™

October 1, 2010   
Christie’s new MicroTiles may become the new standard in video walls. Unveiled over the last year at various trade shows and events, MicroTiles are small display units measuring roughly 12 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches. Each weighs about

Product Review: Sanyo Short Focus Projector

August 1, 2010   
The latest short-focus projector from Sanyo (PLC-WL2500) combines the limited maintenance features of their traditional models with the benefits of a short-focus projector. An 80-inch wide projection is possible with a mounting position only 34 inches from the screen. This

Product Review: RP Visuals ULTRAFLEX Screen

April 1, 2010   
We came across a new product from RP Visuals ( that may be the answer to your screen problems. The bendable ULTRAFLEX projection screen ships in a cylinder as small as 40-inches in diameter. Once on-site, it is unrolled, tensioned

Focus on Technology: Design Build vs. Design Bid for Technology

April 1, 2010   
It is a common question: Should I have it designed or should I just go to a vendor to have the technology installed? When you break the question down, it comes down to Design (Planning) or Contracting (Building). Are design

Product Review: Desktop Visualizer VZ-9plus3

December 1, 2009   
Before PowerPoint, there was the overhead projector, and you may well remember its use in the classroom when you were growing up. Whatever happened to the overhead projector? It grew up and became the WolfVision Visualizer. This straightforward, user-friendly presentation

Focus on Technology: TEA’s SATE Conference

August 1, 2009   
Storytelling. Architecture. Technology. Experience. These are the four basic components of a successful visitor attraction and perhaps any facility that involves a human experience. Since the beginning of time, storytelling has incorporated props and special effects (even if just a

Product Review: PowerPax Battery Caddy

February 1, 2009   
Here’s an item that exemplifies the virtues of simplicity and utility: the PowerPax Battery Caddy, manufactured in St. Charles, IL. It’s like an egg carton for batteries. Loose batteries are a potential acid-leaking hazard, and hard to keep track of.

Focus on Technology: AV & IT Convergence

December 1, 2008   
Convergence seizes two different technologies that originated with different purposes, and integrates them to have a common function in a common environment. In the current evolution of the Audiovisual industry, there is a convergence with the Information Technology Industry, so