City Of Galt Police Department

Galt’s first police department was formed when the City incorporated in 1946. After several moves, the department’s newest facility fills over 21,500 square feet.

The City of Galt’s Police Department facility is newly constructed, but the building was actually in use for over a year before Thorburn Associates began work. The retrofitting process required the audiovisual cabling, power and networking to be installed with concrete cutting equipment.

Thorburn also augmented the existing television system by designing eight channels of satellite receivers, enabling any TV position to tune in the major news or weather stations from DirecTV.

The facility also serves as an EOC, or Emergency Operations Center. EOC’s are locations where cities and counties can coordinate rescue and information services from a central base.

EOC’s help save lives when a catastrophic event overwhelms the normal day-to-day functions of the first responders. When activated, the management team coordinates the situation using all available resources. Immediate communication is key. Equipped with telephone, cellular, two-way radio, computers and map displays, the EOC optimizes response and recovery actions with all emergency departments.

An EOC serves as an efficient facility for training, meetings and instruction; however, each person holds a stake in emergency preparedness by learning what to do when a disaster occurs. Each family should be prepared to care for themselves for seventy-two hours following a major disaster when essential services may not be available.

  • Hold a family meeting to talk about natural disasters that most likely occur in your area. Talk to your children about why what you’re doing is important. Each family member can be a part of the preparations.
  • Determine escape routes and a meeting area outside the house. Practice your plan.
  • Collect disaster supply kits for each member of the family.
  • Take first aid and CPR classes.

The City of Galt’s Police Department has a proud history of protecting its citizens and continues into the future with updated technology and the means to communicate during any disaster.