Davis High School, Library, and Classrooms

Davis, California

The convex ceiling of the Davis High School Library is the focal point of the design, but not the focal point of the acoustical environment within the space. The ceiling, in combination with the high volume of open space, makes the building high risk for echoes and reverberation. TA was called on to provide acoustical details for this space, the last and only new construction component of the campus’s multi-phased renovation. By addressing the finish materials, text book storage and student locations, acoustical challenges were avoided. TA also provided acoustical details for the classroom wing of Davis High School’s new building. The required amount of sound isolation for the rooms was provided by specific wall and ceiling constructions, along with window, door, and duct/conduit penetration details. High levels of sound isolation were included in the design to help ensure that noise from the classrooms will not affect the adjacent spaces.

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