Eye in the Sky; WolfVision’s Ceiling Visualizer

WolfVision’s Ceiling Visualizer is an overhead document camera that allows you to show detailed drawings, products or anything else the light field can encompass. Whether you’re using a document camera in a classroom to show the difference between hybrid rose and sunflower stems or in the conference room to show new designs, you have the audience’s attention. A document camera lets you show all of those items that don’t fit into an electronic presentation.

Ceiling mounted document cameras have the added benefit of stealth—being hidden from view and thus eliminating that barrier between presenter and audience.

WolfVision Ceiling Visualizers come with many useful features:

  • Zoom: Focus in on all sorts of text, graphics and objects. You can take a dime and enlarge it so the tiniest features are projected and visible to an audience.
  • Easy Positioning: Just place an object in the light field!
  • Image Capture: Document cameras allow you to capture images just as you would with a scanner or digital camera and retrieve them later. The user has the opportunity to store nine images and recall them by pressing a button. The images can be split, displaying all or some of the nine at the same time. A battery backup allows the pictures to remain in memory for 1-4 weeks even when the power is disconnected.
  • No shadows: As the camera and the light projector are situated side by side within the Visualizer and follow the same path, shadows are almost completely eliminated.

The ceiling mounted document cameras have come a long way from the overhead projectors we once knew.