HP Executive Briefing Center

Cupertino, California

The Hewlett-Packard (HP) Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Cupertino, California offers more than 40,000 square feet of high tech meeting space. This stunning new physical facility features a uniquely personalized, web-driven experience, and a collaborative, process-focused work environment.

The EBC provides a history of HP, and is the embodiment of HP’s effort to reinvent itself for a bold new era of innovation. The EBC is an interactive environment that gives clients access to the expertise they need to: develop profitable new business strategies for the emerging internet age; create solutions that redefine their industry in innovative new ways; delight their customers as never before; and attain more than just what’s technologically possible.

With a focus on the thousands of customers, partners and other guests who visit from around the world each year, the EBC took on an ambitious effort to create a world-class experience that:

  • Inspires new ideas to improve the effectiveness of companies and individuals through the strategic application of HP technology and know-how.
  • Simplifies and accelerates decisions based on compelling discussions.
  • Leverages HP’s unique capabilities at the intersection of appliances, e-services, and infrastructure to create a more compelling visitor experience.

The HP briefing program offers a wide array of services such as customized briefings, expert-led product and solution demonstrations, partner summits, and events.

TA is proud to have provided the acoustics, and audiovisual design and engineering for this award winning facility. This facility includes: the lobby area which displays HP’s artifacts and has a video centered on HP’s rich history of innovation, and 20 fully configurable briefing rooms that are designed to facilitate  highly interactive discussions about HP strategies, solutions, and insights. The technology behind the Briefing Center is designed to provide an unprecedented level of real-time customization and flexibility.

Key components include audiovisual control systems that are consistent between rooms and monitoring solutions that enable teams to detect issues and resolve them before they become problems (such as automating notifications to replace projector light bulbs before they reach the end of their life span). The HP management and operation team are provided real-time views of all briefing plans, rooms systems, and equipment to ensure that a visitor’s experience is managed seamlessly.

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