MediaStar Evolution MPEG-2/4 Encoder

MediaStar Evolution from Cabletime is a device that encodes video and audio so that it can go out on an IP network. The Evolution is used to transmit video content to receivers connected to TV’s or plasma displays. Computers with a streaming video viewer can also receive content streams from the Evolution.

MediaStar Evolution uses MPEG-2 (DVD quality) and/or MPEG-4 encoding for the best possible quality based on network bandwidth. Capable of dual streams, the MediaStar Evolution allows for simultaneous high bit rate streams to large displays or low bit rate streams to computers.

Video over IP systems are adopted by businesses for corporate communications—to distribute presentations throughout a building, across a campus or to different locations worldwide. The systems can also be used for signal distribution for digital signage.

Any situation where you need a one too many multi-cast over an existing IP infrastructure—MediaStar is the answer.