National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA) Trade Show Wrap-up

It seems that if you want a new product, just say it does not exist, and it will appear! It happened just last month when Panasonic brought one of their new projectors that self focuses the image, great for the technology challenged. Just the week before a client asked about it. We had to say no it did not exist, because manufacturers have not put in a second set of optics to focus the image.

Also, for the first time at a trade show, there were a number of examples of widescreen projection systems. It looks like this summer we will have a good stable of choices to display HDTV/wide screen aspect images. Not only is digital broadcast driving us that way, so are many laptops. If you are putting systems in make sure that the projection screens and display devices are widescreen ready, or at least make sure that they can be upgraded