National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA) Trade Show Wrap-up

March 1, 2005   
It seems that if you want a new product, just say it does not exist, and it will appear! It happened just last month when Panasonic brought one of their new projectors that self focuses the image, great for the

Digital IMAX

September 1, 2004   
Earlier this month at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSTA) conference in Montréal, we had the chance to see Spiderman 2 on a big, IMAX size screen. If you have not been to an IMAX or other Large Format Cinema

It’s Time to Take Control

June 1, 1998   
All audiovisual systems have something in common, no matter how simple or complex they may be: a control system. A/V control systems can range from a simple wall switch to a complicated Visual Basic program embedded inside a Power Point

Keeping Up With Multimedia Projection Technologies

June 1, 1996   
Many people are familiar with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) as the innovation which made it easier to read a watch. Since then, the original monochrome image has blossomed into the full color spectrum. The advancement of its color technology has