Product Review: Casio Signature Series Projectors


Wow, when TA started to look at what would be a good, respectable, small (read light weight) bright, wide screen projector for our team to use for meetings at client offices, we did not expect our final choice to be that projector often advertised in the back of the airline catalog – but we did! Casio’s High Brightness Eco-Friendly Green Signature Series uses a Hybrid Light Source, which combines Laser and LED technology for what they call amazing high brightness and can last up to 20,000 hours. They claim 2500 to 3000 lumens depending on the unit – we do question that a little as our old 2000 lumen Sony unit seemed brighter in a side-by-side comparison. But the Sony is much heavier, weighing in at 25 pounds and requires a large laptop sized case to tote it around. The Casio XJ-M255 projector is only 9 pounds including its carrying case. When you strip out the CD, manual and other extras you can slide the Casio into your laptop bag, and you won’t even know it’s there. Would we put this in a conference room or other fixed installation? Doubtful, but we are sure others will. However, for what it was designed to do, we feel the Casio Signature Series projectors hit the mark.

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