Product Review: Floor Boxes

In our educational programs we joke around that we have never met a floor box that we liked. That is usually because someone pulled the wrong wire to the box, or it is not in the correct location, or it was used as a dust pan! However, FSR has stepped up to the challenge, year in and year out.

FSR is a manufacturer of a wide variety of products including floor, wall, table, and ceiling boxes specializing in AV connectivity needs. Their new FL-G series floor boxes are designed for flexibility, durability and style. These rugged units safely handle the rigors of high traffic floor environments, and they can easily be installed in poured concrete applications.

The really neat point – both models have a 2.5 inch deep back box with the added ability to route wiring between adjacent compartments. This lets them be used in almost all floor slab systems, with conduit coming in from all sides making installation much easier. They also have a scrub water-safe cover. So when a poke through is not an option, or you need more capacity than a poke through, special fire proofing is likely not required.

The FL-G series floor boxes offer flexibility, durability and style for many applications. For more information visit: