Product Review: LiveWires—Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors

LiveWires, from Earpeace Technologies, is a truly unique holiday gift for the music lover in your life. Because Livewires are custom fit (an impression is made of your ear by an audiologist) these in-ear monitors are amazingly comfortable and produce exceptional sound.

In-ear monitors (IEM’s) are like earbuds inserted directly into the ear. Unlike earbuds, LiveWires can be worn for many hours without falling out or causing discomfort.

With a price tag of $249 (plus your audiologist’s fees), these IEM’s come in 8 different colors and can be printed with your custom logo for a bit more.

The silicone impression your audiologist makes of your ears is a fast and easy trip and usually costs around $40 or less.

The dual driver sound from these IEM’s is perfect for stage shows as well as the audiophile in your family. LiveWires are used by professional musicians including members of Steely Dan, Toby Keith, Alice Cooper, Hannah Montana and the entire orchestra and cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

The fully replaceable cables have 360 degree rotating connectors allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion.

Audiologists are concerned about the increasing use of MP3 players and corresponding exposure to high sound volume created by standard “earbud” type earphones. By blocking out ambient noise, LiveWires helps prevent hearing damage and allows the user to listen at lower volume levels.