Product Review: Polycom HDX 9004 HD Video-conferencing CODEC

The Polycom HDX 9004 is a high-definition (HD) Video Teleconferencing CODEC capable of sharing HD video, content, and high fidelity audio. The system offers both standard and HD video resolution of 720P at 30fps and two channels of 22 kHZ crystal clear audio.

This CODEC offers the ability to communicate effectively at a level far beyond that of standard definition video-conferencing CODECs. A major advantage of this system is the ability to share content varying from CAD drawings to television ads at native resolutions in order to fully understand and coordinate decisions effectively.

As a standards base CODEC, the HDX 9004 is also compatible with any existing video-conferencing system. The connection may not be in HD when connecting to legacy systems, but this CODEC has the flexibility of transmitting HD when the network permits.

The HDX system is easy to integrate with the industry’s highest level of flexibility for control, audio and video connections. Five HD video inputs are available for connecting anything from an HD document camera to DVD players.

If you need the ability to make decisions fast with high-resolution images over long distances, the HDX 9004 will give you the ability to do so with the confidence of HD clarity.

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